On April 6th the Data Science & Society Lab will host a new Data Science Talk. Kristian Vingaard Petersen, senior consultant at NetCompany will present his insights on: How to walk the thin line between algorithms and management.

By now, everybody knows the new buzzwords around Data Science.
A lot of companies and organizations want to use it, but how can Data Science be communicated in a way that management want to invest in it, and how can it be facilitated.

Many aspects of working within the field of Data Science revolves around formulating, facilitating and presenting Data Science for stakeholder with limited to none experience within the field. Before any project can begin, management and the stakeholders want to understand the use cases, gains, implications etc. for a Data Science project, and this needs to be handled in a way that they understand.
This lab will through different real life Data Science (Machine Learning) cases from Netcompany, show examples on how to communicate and present Data Science for thereby to become a 360° Data Scientist.


Friday, April 6th
kl. 15:00 – 16:00
Design Lab – IT University of Copenhagen


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