The focus of the Data Science & Society Lab is to bridge the gap from academia society and industry and allow students and researchers to work on real-world Data with cutting edge methodologies.
DSS wish to explore the limits of data science for knowing and engaging with social life. Such exploration begins by providing a physical and conceptual space where the various disciplines already present in the Data Science BSc program, as well as other research areas existing within the IT University of Copenhagen, can meet and collaborate.
Keeping a strong hands-on approach, the DSS space emerges from the convergence of existing or future research in the areas of: Data-mining, Machine Learning, Network analysis, Natural Language Processing, Digital Social Science, Data visualization and Visual analytics. This range of disciplines will allow DSS to interact and collaborate with the Labs that are already active at ITU (e.g. ETHOS Lab, Build Lab, PIT Lab).

Besides, the Data, Networks and Society Lab offers a wide variety of services to the students and opportunities. Through a dense calendar of activities, the top talents among our students are confronted with real-world problems, cutting edge academic research and linked to their potential employers. A dedicated lab space gives the students the opportunity to develop cross disciplinary research and to experiment with the newest hardware and software.