A multiplex network is a network where actors are connected through different types of edges, such as “working together”, “friend”, etc. These different types of connections are also known as layers. The workshop will introduce the R multinet library for the analysis of multiplex social networks, first published on CRAN at the beginning of 2017. For each topic, a quick presentation of the relevant theory and methods will be followed by a practical application on a real pedagogical dataset. The main topics covered will be: actor measures (degree, neighborhood, …), actor/layer measures (layer relevance, exclusive relevance…), layer comparison measures (node Jaccard, edge correlation, …), community detection (generalized Louvain, lart, clique percolation, …), and generative models for multiplex networks. Part of the presented material is covered in our book “Multilayer Social Networks“, Cambridge University Press, 2016. The workshop includes methods developed in different fields by several different authors.

Matteo Magnani, Uppsala University

Luca Rossi, IT University Copenhagen

Room: 3A08
Friday, March 23rd 2018 | 10:00 -14:00

Participation is free but online registration is required: [Link]


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