Every year, billion DKK investments are made in the utility infrastructure in Denmark. A lot of the investments are made based on theoretical average lifespan of the components such as pipes, pumps, valves, etc. However with the increasing access to sensor data, smart meters, realtime weather forecast, etc., Danish utilities are looking at new technologies to make smarter investments.

In Orbicon Informatik, we are currently doing a number of projects with some of the largest water and district heating utility companies in Denmark where we use sensor data, demographic data, geological data, meter data, etc. to predictive the performance and condition of the physical infrastructure (such as pipes, pumps, valves, etc.). As a result we see companies transition from time-based maintenance to predictive maintenance models and becoming much more data-driven and effective.

The presentation give some insights to how a conservative industry (such as the utility sector) can leverage new technologies (such as Big Data Analytics) to transition into more data-driven business models.

Speaker: Anders Tvegaard – Orbicon

Time and Location
February 16 -2018 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm


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